2017 Conference Archive

AaSK Conference 2017: Transitions
November 16 & 17, 2017
Saskatoon, SK | Radisson Hotel

The theme for the 2017 conference was transitions. Students and the student experience are the primary focus of our work as academic advisors. Whether it’s helping students to navigate the transition to post-secondary education, assisting students to understand and meet the expectations of the academic program they have chosen, identifying resources to help them overcome the challenges they encounter along the way or cheering them on as they achieve success, our jobs are multi-faceted and demanding! Join us as we come together to strategize, support, challenge and learn from one another and renew our commitment to student success.

AASK 2017 Conference Schedule 

Keynote Address: Transitions  

Presenter: Dr. Vicki Squires
University of Saskatchewan

Through an Indigenous Student Lens 

Presenters: Jason Bird, Lisa Bighead & Todd Itcush
First Nations University of Canada

Attention-Transition Ahead

Presenter: Sheryl Prouse
University of Saskatchewan

Feedback Triggers: What is Preventing your Students’ from Receiving your Advising Message?

Feedback Triggers Session Handout

Presenter: Shannon Floer
University of Saskatchewan

Understanding ESL Students

Presenter: Lynn Bytyqi
University of Saskatchewan Language Centre

Study Abroad as Transformative Education – The Role Advising Plays 

Presenter: Alexandria Werenka
University of Saskatchewan

Advising like a Jedi: Using The(ory) “Force”!

Presenter: Blair JP Pisio
University of Saskatchewan

From Appreciative Inquiry to Appreciative Advising: Putting Theory to Practice

Erin DeLathouwer
University of Saskatchewan
For more information, email erin.delathouwer@usask.ca or call (306) 966-5669.